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I have a particular love of knitting and crochet, and so love to use my skills to help knitting and crochet designers get their designs to market, to spread the love of their work – and to increase sales of course!

There are so many aspects to a yarn-related business which often go well beyond the available time and/or skills of even the most talented designer: testing, tech editing, pattern layout, schematics, online promotions and ads, social media, digital newsletters… your brand, your voice, your sales.

Here are just a few of the services I can offer you:

  • Brand – helping you create a look for your brand that speaks to your ideal audience and¬†shows you off in your best light
  • Pattern templates – building on your brand to create a recognisable look and feel for your patterns. The most successful brands are the ones which attract knitters/crocheters with the visual impact of their patterns, as well as the ease of following the pattern.

  • Schematics – creating pattern schematics to support your design
  • Online marketing and advertising – whether you sell via Ravelry, Bluprint, Etsy or other platforms, eye-catching adverts are key, I can help you in creating these and even setting up your shop if needed
  • Pattern Collections, Books & Ebooks – the ambition of many designers is to create a book, ebook or booklet, of their designs; self-publishing is very rewarding but can be daunting, not purely down to the production of the book but also getting it to market: I can help with all aspects from layout, graphic design, ISBN, wholesale, retail, online
  • Tech editing – although I am not a tech editor (and to be a good one takes some amazing skills I know are not my forte!) I do work with a couple of excellent tech editors: I can make the introduction, or sub-contract designs to them on your behalf

Get in touch, I’d be happy to see how we can work together!

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