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Social Media : half the world uses it!

Amazing fact: There are now over 3 billion people logging onto social media accounts around the world, meaning that almost half of the world’s population spends at least part of their day updating their status or story.

A new report compiled by Hootsuite and We Are Social and published by The Next Web found that there are 3.028 billion active social media users around the world. That’s a mind-boggling number, especially when you consider that the Earth’s  population is estimated to be 7.524 billion people.

Social media has opened up a different route to market giving businesses of all sizes the opportunity to amplify their brand messages and create fans who might never have come into contact with their business, service or product otherwise. This has become not only a popular communication tool, but also a powerful advertising and networking platform. Being able to engage with your customers through social media gives you a platform to open discussion and media sharing around topics of common interest.

The ability to effectively track, monitor and respond to your customer’s activity provides a very cost effective way to develop a client relationship.

So the next time you find yourself ‘wasting’ your time on Facebook or Twitter, don’t feel bad — you’re not alone. Most of the world’s population is spending their spare moments scrolling through their news feeds too!

And if you would like help with setting up your social media presence – whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn – just get in touch. Zing can help you with the very basics through to being your regular digital and social media guru if you don’t have the time.

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