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Ideas for your own blog

Ideas for your own blog

When we talk about blogging to our clients, one of the most common things we hear is that there’s not much to write about, or they wouldn’t know where to start with writing a blog post for their business, perhaps because they’re not the greatest wordsmith, or they simply don’t enjoy writing!

However, when it comes to blogging, people tend to enjoy them because they’re written in a natural tone of voice – so don’t let the concept of a ‘perfectly written’ blog post stop you.

If you’re currently struggling for ideas for your blog then here are a few ideas to get you started, and always remember they don’t need to be a novel in length; as long as you get across some interesting information that someone else is going to enjoy then it’s been worth the effort…

Client Case Studies

You’re good at what you do, so you want people to know that. Client case studies might have been around for ages but they work well in communicating that you’re product or service is the bees-knees. Hearing from clients is highly credible too, and a chance to show them that other businesses or people like them have benefitted from your services or products.

Commonly asked questions

We all get them; those questions we get asked time and again. FAQ pages can be long and laborious so break them down into bite sized, topical chunks for people to work through.

Region-based posts

We love the region in which we live so make sure you post about it. No matter where you’ve been, take a few photos and share them in your blog. They’ll be popular on Twitter too (two birds, one stone!).

Technical posts

You’ll know your business better than anyone else, which means you’ll understand it better than them too. The problem with this is that we can sometimes take technical things for granted, or simply leave things out that we think other people will know. Use your blog to explain how things work, the process they’ll go through, or things they mightn’t expect when they deal with you.

Press-worthy news

What makes a story a news story? It just needs to be interesting really. Won an award? New team member? Exciting development? They should all go in your blog, and if you write them as a press release, be distributed to local media outlets too.

Posts about certain services or products

Because we already have product or service information in other areas of our websites we can forget to also post information about them in our blogs. This is another opportunity for people to see, so make sure it isn’t wasted.

Posts about you, your team and your story

People buy from people and they’re the driving force behind any business. Explain what makes you tick, what drives you to do what it is you do. Putting a face to a brand, service, or product is always a winner.

Client testimonials

Again something that’s often hidden in other areas of a site. Clump them together in threes or fours and share them through the blog. There is no more credible source than hearing it from the horse’s mouth, so make sure the horse is everywhere on your site!

Latest photos

Take as many as you can and share them through your brand. Things happening around the office, sunsets, anything that you think will bring your brand to life, and also be social media fodder!

What are your competitors doing?

If you’re still short of ideas, then aside from getting us to write great content for you, which we do and do well, have a look at what your competitors are doing and get inspiration there. We don’t mean plagiarise, more that the content wheel has already been built, so there’s no need for you to sit in the dark trying to invent it!


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